Raw VS Virgin hair what is the difference?

Raw VS Virgin hair what is the difference?

What is Raw hair?

Raw hair is the purest hair you can find on the market. The hair is 100% unprocessed Remy human hair. When looking at raw hair you will notice the color and texture very throughout each bundle. This is because raw hair is single donor hair, meaning one bundle was cut from one person's head and another bundle was cut from a different person's head. Raw hair comes in natural textures and colors (straight, Wavy, curly, natural black, brown). Because raw hair is single donor hair the weight of each bundle will vary from 3oz-3.5oz. Raw hair can be bleached to 613, cut, dyed, curled, straitened, and heat styled. Once the hair is washed it will revert back to its natural texture. Raw hair can last a minimum of 3+ years with the proper care. 

 What is virgin hair? 

Virgin hair is human hair that has been processed for its texture. When looking at virgin hair you will notice there will be textures available other than natural straight wavy and curly. You will also notice the hair has a defined curly or wave pattern and will appear shiny. Authentic virgin hair is collected from a single donor but is steamed processed. Virgin hair should not be altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes. All the cuticles should be intact and moving in the same direction. The most popular virgin hair is Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian. Virgin hair can last 1-2 years depending on how you care for the hair extensions. 


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